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Topic 2: The Digital Me

As I looked back when I first started using computer, I realized that change appears to be the only constant in the digital world. From Charles Babbage, Allan Turing and Augusta Ada Bayron to Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and other personalities who contributed their knowledge to the modern digital world that makes our life easier. 
Honestly, when I enrolled BS Computer Science in the university, I don't really have any idea what it is all about. All I know is that we are going to use computer and I am interested to do so, then the digital me have started... 
During my school days in college, I used "WORDSTAR"for simple word processing tasks like making reports, reaction papers, letters etc.(much better than using a typewriter anyway),"LOTUS123"for basic spreadsheet application and if I want to put some black and white images, I am using "Print Magic" a software that contains a collection of images. On the other hand, for programming I used COBOL, Assembly L…

Topic 1: Connectiong and Networking

Open Networked Learning is an interesting program to enhance our career in E-learning. Life indeed is a continuous process of learning, if you stop learning, it is just like you also stop living. I have been teaching for almost 15 years and experienced different teaching pedagogy in delivering my lessons, from using visual aids, posters and card boards to a sophisticated digital approach. Now, in the era of digital learning, I am very keen in using different tools that will help me design good materials for my students. 

Now that I was given a chance to participate in ONL151, I expect to learn a lot by collaborating with different people on their own field of expertise. Therefore, I am looking forward to learn more about Open Networked Learning and apply it in my profession. Being part of PBL Group 4 is a good experience since this is my first time to collaborate with other people online though I did not meet them before. We will be working together and expect to submit output from sha…