Topic 2: The Digital Me

As I looked back when I first started using computer, I realized that change appears to be the only constant in the digital world. From Charles Babbage, Allan Turing and Augusta Ada Bayron to Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and other personalities who contributed their knowledge to the modern digital world that makes our life easier. 

Honestly, when I enrolled BS Computer Science in the university, I don't really have any idea what it is all about. All I know is that we are going to use computer and I am interested to do so, then the digital me have started... 

During my school days in college, I used "WORDSTAR" for simple word processing tasks like making reports, reaction papers, letters etc.(much better than using a typewriter anyway), "LOTUS123" for basic spreadsheet application and if I want to put some black and white images, I am using "Print Magic" a software that contains a collection of images. On the other hand, for programming I used COBOL, Assembly Language, Turbo Basic, Turbo Pascal, Turbo C and DBASE where the command prompt is a dot. All of these are all DOS based where you can only see black and white for its interface. All of these are DOS based software where you have to memorize all the commands. Fortunately, before graduation, I started to use software with graphical user interface (GUI). This time, I don't need to memorize the command in formatting disk, renaming files and other DOS commands. I started using Windows 3.10 that supports MS OFFICE 1995, a package that comprises of MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Schedule and MS Access. The funny thing at this time is when me and my friends got our first email account, we became famous in our class. That time having your email address means you are good in the internet, imagine sending your message quickly than the snail mail thru the post and chatting this time is very rampant though I am not into it. 

I started my teaching career in 1998,right after graduation. At 20,  I got my first job to be a computer lecturer. I used to deliver my lectures thru MS PowerPoint and TV. We used to create Yahoo groups to collaborate and for the students to submit their assignments and other requirements. 

Actually my first social networking experience was with "Friendster" in 2002, it quickly grew to become one of the most popular network on that time. Then, I have created my first Facebook account in 2007, at first I used it for meeting people but later on, I also used it for as the official page in the university and for small business. Nowadays, I am using LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter for professional networking.  When I started E-learning, I begun to use different Content Management Tools to present my lessons thru MOODLE, WIZIQ for making MOOC and now I just I started with Adobe Connect.

I am very glad to be given a chance to join ONL151 because I have learned a lot like Twitter chat, Padlet, hangout and I am hoping to learn more.


You've followed the digital revolution almost from the beginning! I didn't get interested until it became more accessible - when e-mail and the web came along then it got past the "techie" phase. I wonder what we will laugh at in 2015 when we think back to digital media in 2015 ... "Remember those desktop computers with keyboards! Remember when we had all these passwords? Remember when you had to buy so many different devices?"
Unknown said…
What an exciting journey you've made, Jennifer! I just recently started my discovery in the digital world, and feel a bit "envious" of the convenience you apparently have with the digital surroundings.Your experience is a great asset for us - perhaps you may be our encyclopedia on "computers development until today"! ;)
Nice to read a bit about your history. Hope the future will be as nice :)
jocontreras said…
Yes, just like buying mobile phones from as big as a walkie-talkie to a very tiny elite pocket size phones. I guess the only constant in the techie work is "change" and you will be crazy updating your self with different techie stuff and digital tools!
jocontreras said…
Thanks for the compliment Anne, it maybe because I am adventurous and curious with different things. But you are indeed a well experienced teacher who is very dedicated in nurturing students and a "techie" person who is familiar with all the techie stuff here in the university:)
jocontreras said…
Thank Birgitta, I hope the future will be good for all of us, in God´s will!

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