Concluding week – ONL future perspectives

By Learning you will teaching you will learn!

Since most of the participants of ONL151 are academic practitioners, I can say that this course made us realized that by learning we can teach and by teaching we also learn a lot of things. In fact, the course was designed properly that made us experience how to become a student and enhance our teaching skills as well. With the aid of all the digital tools, activities and suggested readings and resources upgrades my own teaching skills.

Well, enrolling in ONL151 is a remarkable experience for me because I was given a chance to work with people whom I do not know personally in the beginning of the course but end up collaborating with them to perform different tasks needed for the course. Working with new acquaintances is a bit difficult but if you will just be cooperative and do your assigned tasks, everything will be alright, not to mention the assistance and support of the facilitators. Honestly, I found it hard to interact in the beginning because I was hesitant to express my ideas and experiences but little by little, I became more comfortable working with other members of my own group.

Thru this collaboration, I can say that I gained a lot of new knowledge especially the Swedish culture, new trends in teaching (teaching pedagogy) and different tools that are very useful in developing and enhancing my teaching resources for online courses. I will definitely use the different tools that were introduced in this course like padlet, coggle, google+, prezi, google hangout etc. to enhance my teaching skills and encourage students to participate in our online learning lessons.  Using Creative Commons is also a good idea that is very useful for setting what rights the owner allows to a user. Technology indeed is a powerful tool to enhance learning/teaching because it encourages people to participate in different activities using different digital tools. For me, it is like "edutainment", you are learning but at the same time you do not feel bored because you are entertained with different features these tools are offering. 

I guess the outline of ONL course is almost perfect, I was glad to learn and use the tools being introduced in this course but I guess the most important is the collaboration, on how the group work together to reflect and make presentation. Though most of us were busy with our own obligations, still we were able to manage to produce an output every week.

I can conclude that the ONL course was almost designed perfectly and for the future perspective in E-learning in general I would like to suggest conducting quality assessment in all important aspects of E-learning implementation from assessing the readiness state of students, teachers, administration and facilities before the implementation of E-learning to the assessment of the result or impact to the all the participants. Sometimes the participants are not aware about the correct practice of E-learning, most of the times they are still adapting the traditional classroom set up of being very dependent to the teacher. They just simply thought of it like a very flexible environment where all you need to know is how to use the internet to gain the knowledge they want. In fact, self-independence is one of the most important attributes of the participants to learn and maximize the use of course resources. On the other hand, the assessment of the impact of it's application is also a good practice to determine if the services being offered are in use.

Last but not the least...I wan to congratulate all the organizers of ONL151 course who made this course possible and interactive. Hope to participate in your future online courses...Lycka till!



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